Monthly Archives: October 2015

Competitive Intelligence For SEO

What Is Competitive Intelligence For SEO? Doing competitive intelligence on your digital competitors can help you boost your own SEO in three ways: Helps you prioritize what your SEO program needs to accomplish Shows you the competition's SEO strengths and weaknesses Presents you with marketing opportunities you may not have previously considered With that being…
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Long Tail Keywords

2 Different Types Of Long Tail Keywords Long tail keywords are phrases that are generally three or more words in a search query. Unless you're very well known, extremely branded and have been around since the beginning of time, when you're planning your SEO strategy you want to use these longer phrases to optimize your…
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Some SEO Advice

SEO Advice What is the single best piece of SEO advice you can give? I'm asked this a lot. The answer might surprise you. Patience. You need patience to let Google find your pages, compare them to the eleventy million other pages the search engine has stored relative to the keyword phrase you optimized the…
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