Monthly Archives: July 2018

Paid Links And SEO

Paid Links And SEO Two great examples of paid links and SEO crossed my desk this week. We are doing outreach to experts and influencers in a certain industry by asking them to share a blog post with their followers. Here are the two responses: They're both pretty blatant. The sites didn't look all that…
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Google WebSpam Report

The Latest Google WebSpam Report The latest Google WebSpam report is now out, and it's pretty much the usual update we get from the search engine every year. They're actively fighting it tooth and nail, and they want to give us the best search results possible so we continue use Google as our search engine…
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HTTP To HTTPS Migration

HTTP To HTTPS Migration Gotchas! Doing an HTTP to HTTPS migration can either really straightforward (yay!), give you a little bit of push back (who doesn't like a challenge?) or just be downright nasty for different reasons. I worked with a Wordpress developer a couple weeks ago to do what I thought would be a…
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