About Invenio

invenio seo trainer nancy mcdonaldI'm Nancy McDonald, your friendly neighborhood Invenio SEO trainer and consultant, formerly of Search Engine Academy Washington DC.

Invenio is Latin for to find, to discover, to come upon. When you think about it, that's what the internet is all about, isn't it? We try to discover or find what information we need to solve a problem, be entertained or to even settle a bar bet - "here, let me Google it. I'll prove you wrong!"

I've been doing SEO since 2004, way back when you could "do SEO" about twice per year and call it good. Your rankings stayed fairly static. I've been fascinated by the way we use the internet to search has evolved so much. Google does its best to keep up, and I've enjoyed watching SEO grow up along with the rest of the technology.

I started Invenio SEO in 2014 to concentrate on integrating inbound marketing and content marketing strategies with SEO.

I love to teach you how to be self-sufficient in the most up to date SEO techniques, strategies and processes that comply with Google's guidelines and recommendations. I'm tired of people getting bad information and screwing up their sites.

I really like it when you get that "aha!" moment, and your eyeballs light up like a slot machine in Atlantic City. I think it's fun to keep up with the changes Google rolls out, and the challenges that come right along with them. Let me be your go-to SEO person for staying current on what works, and what will get you Google-slapped!

My students include attorneys, dentists, marketing professionals, free lance SEO consultants, authors, U.S. Federal government agencies, manufacturing professionals, government contractors, higher education, health care product suppliers and more.

Most days, you'll find me up and about before 5AM local time, reading the latest SEO blogs and Google news to keep up with the changes in how the search engine features web sites in search results. My approach to SEO is "Semper Gumby!" - "Always Flexible!"

Invenio SEO Trainer, Sailor

About Invenio SEOWhen I'm not teaching or consulting, I enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and the numerous rivers that flow into the Bay. I live in Annapolis, a "drinking town with a sailing problem," and I can tell you it's absolutely true.

I am owned by three cats. I am the Pez dispenser for their snackie noms! My other interests include looking for white-tailed deer, foxes and hawks in my neighborhood every day. A day without a Bambi sighting is indeed like a day without sunshine!

I am an FAA-licensed drone pilot with an additional certification in thermal imaging operations for drones.

I also provide volunteer support services to the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland. I help teach environmental education to school groups and organizations.

I also rescue, rehabilitate and release injured/sick birds of prey here in Maryland.

Invenio SEO Trainer Nancy McDonald Is A Raptor Rehabilitator

And recently, I was nominated by one of my peers to be featured in Barry Schwartz's ongoing blog post series "The Search Community Honors You."

Want to learn how to do SEO yourself, or get your marketing department trained up? Contact me, so we can start planning your SEO course. Call 202-725-1422 now.