The Difference

What's The Difference With Invenio?

The difference with Invenio SEO is from the first hour, you dive into doing SEO hands-on for your own website. By the end of the day in the basics of SEO course, you'll be doing on-page optimization with confidence and skill! Many other SEO classes just teach you the theory, or they may just hint at what you need to do, because what they really want to do is sell you their services and/or tools to do the work for you.

With us, you'll do some practice exercises on keyword research and on-page SEO to optimize page titles, descriptions, headlines, sub-headings and more.

You get three months free SEO coaching from me after you complete any training course. I want to make sure you feel comfortable optimizing your own web pages and blog posts. I'm not going to toss you into the deep end of the SEO pool and expect you to swim to confidence all by yourself. You won't become a competent, professional, confident SEOer if you don't get some feedback and guidance, because no two websites are ever alike in their issues and solutions.

My Goal

I give you the most up to date SEO processes, strategies, techniques and knowledge according to the changes Google makes to the search algorithm.

You learn how to do SEO for yourself, or at least you know what your outsourced SEO agency is (supposed) to be doing. You can do on-page SEO, perform link analysis and know how to develop your content marketing strategy for your entire inbound marketing program. Or, you're ready to start a new career as an SEO professional!

I also want to make sure I answer all of your questions before you finish the class. We'll address your site's issues and develop an action plan to fix things in priority order. By the end of your training, you'll have a set of bullet points and timeline to take to your manager that is ready to be put into place right away.

How Do I Reach This Goal?

I am cost-competitive with other SEO training organizations; just go check them out! I update all course materials at least twice per month, or however often Google comes out with an algorithm or penalty update that impacts the way SEO can be done.

I don't push any particular set of SEO tools on you. I don't get commissions or royalties. What I care about is that you feel comfortable doing SEO for your site, or overseeing your outsourced SEO vendor's work.

Gaining confidence in the work you do makes you a better search engine optimization specialist. You'll see how to justify applying SEO to sites to get them to rank better in search results.

the difference of using Invenio SEOThe other difference about Invenio is you can get a customized, personalized SEO training workshop. Just ask us how to get started! We also come onsite to your location, pop the hood of your website and diagnose everything that needs to be fixed to rank better in search results.

You can learn more about the basics of SEO, our advanced SEO course, or training for marketers.

Contact Invenio to see which SEO class best fits your needs - call 202-725-1422.

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