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Advanced SEO Training Gives You More Skills

Advanced SEO training prepares you for handling large and small websites that offer products and services. If you are responsible for an e-commerce website, the advanced search engine optimization topics for database-driven sites is critical to ensure your pages don't get hit with a duplicate content penalty.

Whether you're managing your company's enterprise SEO program or responsible for launching a responsive web design site, you'll need to know more than just on and off-page SEO factors to give your pages the best chances of ranking higher in search engine results.

Two not-so-well-known SEO tactics you can use for yourself and your clients is creating and optimizing LinkedIn company pages and using on certain parts of your website to stand out search engine results pages (SERPs).

This two or three day course gives you everything you need to know to manage your SEO or web design vendor successfully. This is the agenda:

Day 1

  • Linking strategies, analysis and troubleshooting - the number one reason why web sites get penalized by Google is due to their linking strategy. We cover why linking is still important, what the penalties are that Google can levy (both manual and algorithmic), what the red flags are, how to discover and fix bad links, as well as ideas for getting good links for your site.
  • Local SEO - many businesses are confined to a specific geographical area for getting customers. Local SEO has become a large sub-specialty. We will cover how to incorporate local SEO into your web page/blog post elements, as well as the important business listing providers that can extend a company's local reach.
  • Google Analytics - Simply doing SEO is not enough; you need to measure it's effectiveness. We go over the major functions of Google Analytics, starting with how to set up an account and dashboard to creating custom dashboards and reports, and interpreting the data you get from Google to determine which parts of your website are performing poorly and need improvement.
  • Google Search Console - This is probably the most useful free service Google offers, and many web owners don't understand why they should pay close attention to the information in their search console dashboard. We will go over how to set up the free service, which metrics to constantly monitor and more, to make sure Google can easily access and crawl your website for better indexing and ranking.
  • SEO for Videos - There are several opportunities to apply SEO to your videos. We will go over the elements you can optimize with your chosen keyword phrase.
  • Mobile SEO - Mobile searches are rapidly overtaking desktop queries. We will go over why having a mobile version of your site is necessary, and how to apply SEO for the mobile environment.

Day 2 (optional; career track, certification)

  • Don't do web spam - Different from email spam, web spam is the processes and practices that go against Google's recommendations and guidelines, but which are still used by "black hat" SEO personnel to temporarily trick the search engine into giving a web page a better ranking than it deserves. We'll cover the most common types of web spam to be on the lookout for.
  • Information Architecture and SEO - Information overload is now the norm on the internet. IA is a discipline you can apply to any website to ensure the most important content is quickly and easily found by your prospects to keep them on your site longer and increase your conversion rates by organizing, naming and labeling your web pages to clearly communicate what you offer.
  • Google ranking and indexing issues - There are several problems that Google can encounter on any website that will prevent the crawlers from indexing and ranking your web pages. We go over the most common problems, and how to fix them.
  • Database site issues - E-commerce and catalog web sites are database-driven. There are unique issues with these types of web site operations that can cause Google to skip over your product pages and reduce your indexing opportunities. We will cover how to solve these issues.
  • (structured data markup language) - this a fairly new SEO process that is under-utilized, but is extremely effective for getting your web content indexed. We will go over what schema is, and how to incorporate it into your SEO program.
  • Converting a site from HTTP - HTTPS - moving a site from HTTP to HTTPs is a ranking signal boost, as Google now uses this as a minor ranking factor. However, its' influence will grow as more and more web searchers become concerned about secure browsing. See how you can guide the conversion/transition and not negatively impact site SEO.
  • CI Analysis for SEO - if you need to know what your online competition is doing in terms of SEO, and if you wonder why they're outranking your site, then this information will let you develop a strategy and process to see what they are doing, using SEO analysis tools. This will allow you to adjust your SEO program priorities to stay on top of search results.
  • Start your SEO career - for individuals who want to do SEO for a living. You'll see how to use your keyword research skills to uncover opportunities in under-served industries. You'll also see how you can use your free LinkedIn profile and account to discover ready-made SEO contracting opportunities with businesses who have a real-time need and the budget for you to get the work done for them.

We offer this training in these areas:

  • Washington DC Metropolitan area
  • Northern Virginia
  • Baltimore MD

The cost per person per day is $597.00.

In order to lock down your training course and scheduled date, advance registration and payment is required.

You can request an invoice from Invenio SEO to pay by Quickbooks online or by company check.

Contact us with your questions and schedule. Once you complete this course, you'll have the confidence to understand exactly what your vendors are doing. You get three months SEO coaching at no extra cost. We provide you with all the course materials to keep once you complete the SEO class.

Did you land on the wrong page? Are you looking for basic SEO training? Check out the agenda.

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