Advantages Of SEO Training

The Advantages Of SEO Training

The advantages of SEO training with an experienced specialist will help you understand the knowledge, concepts, techniques and processes easier and faster. I'll cover them in this post today.

Warning: there's a little bit of self-promotion in this article; I'll just be honest and tell you that right up front!

The Advantages Of SEO Training In Person

Most people prefer classroom or hands-on training in person. It makes communication so much more clear - you can see visual cues, body language and have a dynamic conversation easier than working together online.

advantages of seo training online and in person

It's easier to show someone screen navigation and guide them to the right places within their own website to optimize images, pages and posts. When you're sitting side by side with someone who does SEO all day long, you can pick her brains about website issues you've seen in the past or are currently experiencing. Just open up your website's editor and start navigating through the sections you have questions about!

Other Advantages Of SEO Training

One of the best things about getting search engine optimization training is getting the white-hat best practices SEO strategies, techniques, processes and skills that'll keep your site from getting penalized. You'll learn things like:

  • Optimizing anchor text in links.
  • Writing unique, interesting, compelling page titles that emphasize using a chosen keyword phrase.
  • Creating attention-getting meta descriptions that include benefits, calls to action, location information and useful items to persuade searchers to click on your page in search results.
  • Learning how to find keyword phrases and topics of interest using keyword research methods that show you data to help you pick ones that will drive traffic to your pages.
  • Understanding how set up good URL structure, information architecture for easy site navigation and what malware looks like on a website.
  • Troubleshooting common ranking and indexing problems that push your site content down in search results.

Plus, you'll be told what's white-hat (accepted by Google) versus black-hat SEO techniques that could get your site or domain banned from search results.

Another advantage of getting SEO training is learning and understanding the most up to date techniques for mobile SEO, converting a site to HTTPS and optimizing your Youtube channel and videos for better search engine results visilibilty.

Are There Advantages Of Taking Online SEO Training Live?

Yes, there are. For one thing, if you're far from a training provider, and don't have travel funds, live online SEO training is good. You can still have a dialogue with your instructor, and if the training company is using online meeting apps, you can do screen sharing.

If you're in a different time zone, the training day may be shortened, but again, distance is not a problem with live, online search engine optimization class offerings.

What's Good About Non-Instructor Online SEO Training?

You might be someone who doesn't need live instruction, on-site or otherwise. If this is the case, registering for an online SEO class that you can do on your time, at your own pace is a good option. You may or may not have access to an instructor to ask questions, but if you're looking to get the knowledge and want to puzzle it out yourself, this is a good option.

Invenio SEO offers live, face to face training; live online training, and our Basics Of SEO class is now available as an online class with no instructor. One of these will work for you and your situation.

So if you're ready, contact us to get started on whatever kind of SEO course you'd like to take. We also create custom SEO classes tailored to your current skill level, so just ask!

Until we meet next time, keep it between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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