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Freelance SEO

Life As A Freelance SEO Consultant Want to know what it's like to be a freelance SEO? Let me take you on a quick tour! To start with, you need to keep up with best practices and Google algorithm updates daily. Several times per day. No kidding, you check in first thing in the morning...everything's…
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How To Do Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research In 3 Steps Most web owners aren't sure how to do keyword research. I'm going to go over the basics to get you jump started right away! But first, why bother doing keyword research? Isn't it enough to use the most common words and terms your target audience is using?…
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SEO For Writers

SEO Writing Training Adds Skills You Can Easily Upsell To Prospects and Clients SEO writing skills can boost your revenue, because not only can you write web copy, you can save a step by optimizing all the web page elements as well. This saves time and money for the web owner since you can do…
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