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Google Penguin Release

Google Penguin Release At Long Last! The Google Penguin release finally - FINALLY - happened on or about September 23, 2016. Almost two years since the last update or rollout, take your pick, this one is different for different reasons. Let's go over the rollout, how it penalizes link strategies (schemes) and what it means…
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No Follow

No Follow In Links No Follow is a command you can put on any link you create to control whether or not the page rank where the link resides stays on that particular page. What? OK, let's break down what the no follow command is, why you want to use it, and how it works.…
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What Is Link Building

What Is Link Building In 2015? Good day! Let's talk about what is link building nowadays, what with Google Penguin seeming to roll out non-stop and crushing sites left and right! Link building is the process of attracting other websites with your great content to get those sites to link back to one of your…
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