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Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

Here are some handy Chrome extensions if you're an SEO professional who likes to do really quick and dirty one minute web site audits to figure out some high level website issues.

What I love about Chrome extensions is that they're free, they really offer great value and are easy to install. Let's take a look the ones I use all the time.

4 Google Chrome Extensions For SEO Analysis

The first Chrome extension I installed that's been an absolute gold mine is BuiltWith Technology Profiler. It saves me the hassle of opening up source code to see if marketing automation software, website analytics, ecommerce applications and other website technical details are ones I'm familiar with. Here are the typical website components you can see information on:

  • Web servers
  • Ecommerce
  • Frameworks
  • Analytics
  • Widgets
  • Document Standards
  • Operation Systems and servers
  • Document encoding
  • Webmaster registration
builtwith chrome extension

It's the "bw" in the middle!

In a few seconds, I can get a big picture of what the site is supported by, if there's analytics installed and more.

bw chrome extension

chrome extension builtwith

The second one is Google Tag Assistant. This will show you if Google tags and analytics has been installed. If there is an associated analytics account, you also get the unique "UA" number for the web property you're viewing. It will also tell you if Google analytics and tag manager are not installed. This is great for when you're doing a technical web audit, and can recommend installing analytics and tag manager.

google chrome extension for analytics

chrome extension GA example

Open Link Structured Data Sniffer is great for seeing if individual web pages have, or structured data markup. If it's on a page, this chrome extension will tell what it is specifically. I like using this for local SEO purposes to see if the web owner has marked up the street address, city, state, zip code and phone number to show up higher in local, geographic-specific search results.

chrome extension for structured data markup

Notice that you can look at not only microdata, but also JSON-D and RDFa.

The fourth one is Seerobots. This cool little extension will tell you if individual web pages are blocked by a robots.txt file or not. It's great for doing technical SEO audits, in case some pages have been blocked that shouldn't be. You can quickly see at a glance what the page's status in the robots.txt file. If the page is index, follow, you'll see a green square in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

robots.txt file chrome extension

So, these are four really cool little SEO chrome extensions you can use to quickly see the big picture of a web site and page.

What are your favorite SEO chrome extensions? Let me know!

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Until we meet again, keep it between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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