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SEO Consultant Services

Don't have the time, or are you just tired thinking about doing your own SEO, but are glad you have the knowledge? Let me be your friendly neighborhood SEO consultant! I have trusted resources (AKA former students!) who help me apply SEO to your site.

I offer all the usual on and off page SEO functions:

  • Keyword research - you need to find the RIGHT keywords that your target audience uses in the search engines.
  • Website audits - we discover what's missing SEO-wise on your web pages and blog posts, and develop a priority action plan to fix them.
  • Apply SEO to web pages/blog posts - we optimize your existing content with the keyword phrases that most accurately describe your services and products to get better search engine visibility.
  • Inbound back link analysis and clean up - did you know that links from other sites to pointing to yours can negatively impact your search engine rankings? We analyze and clean up dangerous, toxic links as recommended by Google.
  • Competitive intelligence for SEO (AKA "seeing what the competition is up to with their SEO efforts!") - we have software that allows us to see what your online competition is doing for their own SEO efforts. We can adjust your strategy to rank better than them.
  • Web page content research and creation - we can do original research and write content that appeals to your target audience to do business with you.
  • Blog post content research and creation - same as above.
  • Local SEO - if you're geographically limited to where you do business, you need local SEO as well. We can get you listed in the relevant business directories to get better visibility in search results.
  • Social Media SEO - by incorporating SEO into your social media strategy, your content can travel further.
  • Monthly SEO reporting - we can send you monthly progress reports on how your SEO is helping your pages get better visibility in search results.
  • PPC SEO - once your organic SEO has been done, it's time to consider paying for optimized ad placement on Google.
  • Enterprise SEO program creation/implementation - we can assist you in creating your own SEO program to run in-house by coaching you through the process of identifying, documenting and running an SEO program for all of your online marketing activities.

Get hold of me real soon, and let's talk about what your site needs done. Call 202-725-1422 to learn more.

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