Corporate Training

Corporate Training For SEO

Corporate training for your SEO program is the solution if you don't want to sit in a class with strangers in a public setting and let them know your website's weaknesses and vulnerabilities. That could be sensitive business intelligence your competition may enjoy exploiting. If this is the case, let Invenio develop an SEO training class for your marketing department.

We come onsite to your location on the dates and times that are most convenient for you.

Some of the advantages are:

  • You don't have to travel to a classroom location, losing precious time
  • If you need to take care of an issue, you can do it quickly and get right back to your SEO training
  • All class sessions are confidential; Invenio SEO signs Non-Disclosure Agreements (NdA) for many SEO training classes
  • You learn to apply SEO specifically for your company's marketing goals and objectives
  • You get all of your SEO questions answered individually

If you've ever:

  • Been duped by SEO agencies and suffered Google penalties
  • Felt uncomfortable that they're not telling you what they're doing
  • Wondered about "We're spending money for what?"

Then this is the right training for you.

We know you've been tasked with doing SEO among the other hats you wear, and you're concerned about doing SEO 'wrong' - you want to do it right to get better ranking and conversions.

corporate training for SEO skills

Here's what you get with Invenio's SEO corporate training:

  • Hands-on training - you can do on-page SEO after one days' training
  • Latest techniques, strategies and processes that comply with Google's recommendations, guidelines and policies for ranking higher in search results
  • Understand what Google is looking for when it ranks high quality, user-friendly content
  • Flexible course scheduling and agendas
  • Three months' SEO coaching at no extra charge

Pre-course work - We send you a short document with some basic information to review prior to attending the course. On the first day, we jump right into keyword research processes, strategies and tactics, then we do a hands-on exercise.

  • Content Strategy/Content Marketing (homework)
  • What is SEO? (homework)
  • How Search Engine discover, index and rank web content (homework)
  • Benefits of SEO (homework)

Day 1

  • Discover the keyword topics your target market is using in search engines (hands on)
  • Google's content guidelines
  • Create content for your prospects and search engines (hands on)
  • on page SEO (hands on)
  • Semantic Search
  • Using personalization of search

Day 2

  • Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing
  • Linking strategies, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Local SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Day 3 (optional; career track, certification)

  • Using social media and SEO
  • SEO for Videos
  • Mobile SEO
  • Don't do web spam
  • Information Architecture and SEO
  • Google ranking and indexing issues
  • Database site issues
  • (structured data markup language)
  • CI Analysis for SEO

The cost for a one day SEO corporate training course is $750.00 per day. Payment must be received in advance of any scheduled course date to lock it down.

Call Invenio SEO now at 202-725-1422 to learn more about setting up your in-house training class. Let us develop a custom corporate SEO class for your marketing staff if they've had some previous SEO training. Custom courses range from one to two days.