Course Information

General SEO Training Course Information

Here's some high level, generic SEO course information. There's a couple different ways we can get you into one of our SEO classes. You can pick from the courses below, or I can make a custom course for you, based on what you already know.

If you're in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, we can quickly schedule your training within a week of getting course registration payment. Invenio SEO primarily services the Mid Atlantic region, ranging from Delaware to Virginia.

We can meet at your business location where you have everything about your site available at your fingertips. We use your website and your site's specific set up and issues to set up a priority action plan at the end of the course that you can immediately put into place.

I can set up a class on demand from you, if you'd like a one on one training course, or you can register for one of my publicly available SEO classes - again, let me know what you prefer.

Invenio SEO can make up a custom SEO course for you, or you can pick one of our day-long sessions to get just the right amount of training to get started on improving your site's search engine visibility and conversion rate.

I love to teach you how to be self-sufficient in the most up to date SEO techniques, strategies and processes that comply with Google's guidelines and recommendations. I'm tired of people getting bad information and screwing up their sites.

More Course Information

I do the SEO training face to face, with hands-on exercises to let you practice in class. I lug in my computer, projector and course materials. We have electricity and an internet connection, and we go over all of the course material.

If you're a small business owner or a marketing professional who needs to get your business more visibility in the search engine results pages, or an individual who wants to do SEO as a career, then this SEO training will help you accomplish that goal.

All courses are designed to get you going right away on optimizing all the web page elements that help your site show up higher in search engine results pages (SERP - here's your first SEO acronym!).

You must register and pay in advance to reserve your training dates with us.

You get three months free SEO coaching from me after you complete any training course.

Let's get started on your SEO training - contact me to set up your class!

See the complete SEO syllabus here.