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12 Creative Writing Ideas (For Your Blog)

Creative writing ideas for your blog can sometimes dry up faster than a sandy beach at high noon on a 90 degree day, can't they?

I'm not immune to running out of ideas myself, and I have several sites I go to for topics of interest in search engine optimization. I recommend these sites to my students and clients, but sometimes it's just not enough.

creative writing ideasSo, I dug a little deeper and came up with these ideas for creating content. I hope they're helpful for developing your content editorial calendar!

Solve a problem - We're all in business to solve someone's problem or pain point. Why not create a short blog post that outlines a common problem you solve, and a generic solution? The last thing you want to do with a content piece like this is to toot your own horn, tempting that it may be. Just give a general answer, and put in a strong Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your post with a link to check out your site's pages that deal with the issue you wrote about.

"Best of..." - Can you compile a list of the best of whatever in your business or industry? It could be anything - software, books, practices, people, etc. Be creative, be positive and showcase what's good about your industry!

Personal Essay - Perhaps you'll be inspired to write a personal essay regarding something in your industry. On the heels of this, there's the next idea -

Why You Do the Work You Do - Are you genuinely happy with what you do? I know I am for lots of reasons. Share some of your reasons and passion for what you do. This personalizes your content and lets your target audience get to know a little bit more about you. Who knows, it could be the connection to get prospects converted to clients.

More Creative Writing Ideas For Your Web Site

Expert Interviews - Can you email an industry expert and ask her/him to do an email interview with you? If they say yes, email them 4 - 5 questions, and use their answers to create a blog post. This boosts your credibility and gives them some free exposure that I'm sure they appreciate. Be mindful of their time and if they say no, don't take it personally - see if you can contact someone else.

Rebutting An Industry Position - Do you work in an industry where there's controversy? If so, you can create some visibility and reputation for yourself by rebutting something. Just be sure you have your facts correct and that your present sound arguments. If you allow comments, be prepared to answer them promptly and thoroughly.

Reviews - products, books, movies, regulations, events - These can be really easy or very detailed. Pick something that's relevant to your business and give your target audience a good review of the good, the bad and ugly on the product, service, book, etc. If you're just stating your opinion, be sure to let your readers know this up front.

Promote Events - I can't tell you how many companies do wonderful events, but it never occurs to them to write about it. If your company sponsors a charity, don't be shy - let your readers know what causes you care about and support. Again, this shows folks you are human as well!

Getting Certified In Relevant Industry Software - If you've ever busted your hump to get an industry software certification, or any kind of industry certification, then be loud, be proud - let the world know of your accomplishment! It increases your stature as a subject matter expert and could lead to more business. Be sure to add it to your LinkedIn profile as well!

Best Practices In Your Industry - Why not educate your readers on some of your industry's best practices? This will help establish you as a thought leader and in-depth expert in your industry.

Lessons You Learned In Your Industry - Can you share some things you learned the hard way? Can you do it with some humor? It's great to help people see how you came up in your industry. This makes you human, admitting to mistakes you made that had object lessons attached.

Answering One Of Your FAQs In-Depth - Pick one of your FAQs that can be spun into a 300 - 700 word content piece - longer can be better.

If you can create one content piece from just one of these ideas, I guarantee you'll write some of your best stuff.

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Until we meet the next time, keep it safely between the ditches.

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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