Google Penguin Penalty Update

The Google Penguin Penalty Will Roll Out Before The End Of 2015

Have you been missing the Google Penguin penalty? Does 2015 feel incomplete without a single implementation? Are you offering link clean up and disavow services?

If any of these questions got your head nodding, then apparently you are in luck, because Google's Gary Illyes tweeted that we should see the cute little black and white link penalizer back in the search formula before 2015 marches off forever!

Google Penguin Penalty

What makes this one historic and even better (depending upon if you're the one being Penguin-slapped), is that it will run in real time, meaning that sites will get penalized, but if they clean up their links during the implementation, they should see some recovery.

Naturally, those sites that have been previously penalized will be analyzed through the Penguin lens to determine how much, if any, recovery they should get.

Getting Ready For The Penguin Penalty

Hopefully you've been downloading and analyzing your inbound backlinks at least monthly, to see what domains are linking to you, and the types of anchor text that's in the link to one of your pages.

Remember, you're looking for domains that just don't seem to be natural or complimentary linking partners. You're also looking at the anchor text, to make sure it's not overly optimized with keyword phrases. Branded words and phrases should be the majority of your anchor text to keep you out of the Penguin cross hairs.

You can use Google's disavow process to get rid of links on sites where there's no contact information, or if your requests for link removal have been ignored.

We won't know about the implementation into the search formula until after it's launched, so keep up with Google's announcements and the reputable SEO blogs to learn more.

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Until the next time, stay safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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