How Hard Is It To Do SEO

How Hard Is It To Do SEO - The Top Question I Get Asked

OK, how hard is it to do SEO? I don't think hard is the right word; it's more a question of "how long will it take me to do SEO once I learn it?"

It's a question of how much you can practice, because SEO is a function of doing it a lot until you're comfortable with the following basic tasks and functions:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing titles and meta descriptions
  • Writing optimized web page content and blog posts
  • Optimizing images, photos, illustrations, etc., with the alt text tag
  • Using the H1 and H2 tags in your content

how hard is it to do seoThere are a lot of moving parts in SEO that are pretty foreign to people just starting out. For example, the character limits in the title and meta description tags can be really challenging to master. You need to make unique, useful, compelling, interesting titles and descriptions, using your keyword in prominence and proximity, and have it all make sense!

I find for my students who really want to know how to learn SEO that this is the biggest hurdle they get stuck on. We all do. It's a matter of practicing, and fortunately, most of my students have web sites with plenty of pages that are the best opportunities for getting good at SEO rather quickly.

The H1 and H2 tags are usually the next big stumbling block in my SEO training classes. Most folks have a hard time understanding why the title tag is different from the H1 tag. They can usually understand the H2 tag once I show them some examples.

Doing keyword research is usually not a big deal; everyone pretty much gets the process and the importance.

Here are some more SEO tips you can use so that your optimization efforts aren't so hard to achieve.

The search engine optimization training I offer you has practice time built in to do keyword research, create optimized meta data that will increase your page and post click through rate (CTR), write optimized content and see how it comes together. Register for the basics of SEO training if you're interested in doing your own SEO.

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Until we meet again, stay safely between the ditches!

All the best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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