Hubspot Inbound 2015

Are You Going To Hubspot Inbound 2015?

Hubspot Inbound 2015 is next week, and are you going? There's some good SEO stuff that'll be discussed. I'll be there, and not only am I going to see what experts have to say about search engine optimization, I'm also going to meet Hubspot integrators.

These are the SEO-specific sessions:

The Changing Face of SEO In 2015

I probably can pretty much guess what this will be about. The big mobile rollout on April 21 will at least be mentioned, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear talk about the supposed Google Phantom algorithm rollout back in May that came right before a Google Panda implementation.

How To Use Hubspot To Win At SEO

Inbound marketing wraps it's loving arms around SEO, so this session will address how to use the tool for your SEO strategy. I love their on-page SEO grader; it hits all the elements you should apply your chosen keyword phrase to.

They also have a competitive ranking feature for your chosen keywords that shows you how well your online competitors are doing with that same phrase. If it's worth fighting for, it's going to need a lot of effort from you to create great content.

hubspot inbound 2015There are a lot of rock star speakers who are scheduled to share their views with us, and here are a few I'm looking forward to hearing:

John Jantsch - he runs Duct Tape Marketing, and it's a great blog to read. John delivers real world shit you can use, so if you're not keeping up with him, add John to your RSS feed now. He's going to talk about creating a digital agency. It should be fun!

Robert Scoble - if you've ever done anything in-depth on Google Plus, then you've come across Robert. He was an early adopter of the platform, and I won't forget the time he wore Google Glass into the shower and posted a picture - no, not of him, silly! The glasses! The glasses! Seriously! He's going to talk about how you need to keep up with what's new, or your business will perish.

Will Critchlow - I've been following him for years, and his talk on the future of search is bound to be thought-provoking. Be ready to hear talk about mobile search and apps.

Danny Sullivan - a writer for Search Engine Land, my all-time favorite SEO blog. He's going to talk about Twitter disasters, and my guess is that the amusement and entertainment factor will be off the charts as everyone will think to themselves, "There's no effin' way in the world I'd ever do THAT." I really want to meet Danny in person, just to tell him how much I appreciate his reporting on all things Google and search in general.

Are you going to Inbound 2015? If so, swing by the Measured Results Marketing table! I'm going with my good friend and business partner Christopher Antonopoulos, who I support with SEO, content strategy, website maintenance and more. I'd like to meet you and talk trash about digital marketing!

Until we meet again, keep it safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,


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