John Alexander

John Alexander, SEO Teacher & Mentor

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I tell you John Alexander, an amazing SEO teacher and mentor passed away September 10, 2018.

John is directly responsible for me being where I'm at today. If I had not met John several years ago at the Search Engine Academy class in Las Vegas I took, I would have never done SEO as a career.

John believed in me - he knew early on that I had the potential and passion to be an SEO professional when I was still wondering if I should embark on a career that was pretty new and had a lot of unknowns.

John was a quiet, dignified, wonderful man who had his priorities right. He loved his family, took care of them, treated everyone with kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect and realized that the ups and downs of life are normal. I learned so much from John - so much more than SEO.

John Alexander & Nancy McDonald

John was very religious, and I remember when I first met him and knew this, I was scared and convinced that he and I would never find common ground on anything. I can't tell you how glad I am that I turned out to be so wrong on that.

John loved rock music, good books, classic movies and people. His passion for teaching others led so many marketers to get that "aha!" moment when they realized search engine optimization could really help their sites achieve the marketing goals they wanted to accomplish.

The biggest thing about John - for me - was that he showed me how forgiveness works. I was part of Search Engine Academy, and after several years, I gave notice that I was reforming my SEO training and consulting business away from the Academy. Things did not go well between us for a few years. John was the one who reached back out to me to revive our friendship. I'm still learning how apply forgiveness in my life with others, but I see how it definitely is real. And can be done.

There is a large hold in the SEO world with John's passing. As a sailor I say to him "fair winds and following seas."

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