Long Tail Keywords

2 Different Types Of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are phrases that are generally three or more words in a search query.

Unless you're very well known, extremely branded and have been around since the beginning of time, when you're planning your SEO strategy you want to use these longer phrases to optimize your content, because the short words are owned by the big industry leaders.

There are two types of long tail keywords to consider using, depending upon who your target audience is, and what you want them to do on your web pages.

Informational Long Tail Keywords

The internet is a great place to find information. We look for solutions to problems, answers to questions and facts to settle bar bets. The queries you type in are informational long tail keywords.

In other words, the query is seeking information to help the searcher learn something. What are these query types like? Here are some examples:

  • project management methodologies
  • how to find keywords
  • steps to buying a house
  • compare health insurance plans

These are pretty generic queries. When you're considering developing content with informational search terms, remember that Google has semantic search capabilities built in to the algorithm, so the more completely and fully you build a content page around these types of phrases, the better the chances are that that page will end up ranking high in search results.

long tail keywords

Be sure you can draft a content outline answering:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • How
  • Who Cares

Also consider if there are several ways to write about the topic. For the phrase "how to find keywords," consider these angles:

Processes - how do you go about finding keywords?
Strategies - do you need those keywords to outrank a competitor, to create a video, podcast or webinar, or just to find topics to blog about?
Tools - there are a lot of free and paid keyword research tools. You could review some of those tools and point the strengths and weaknesses of them.

Transactional Long Tail Keywords

On the other hand, we have keyword phrases that are product specific, which are mostly considered to be transactional - that is, when people type in these phrases, they are generally ready to purchase a product related to search query.

  • buy used textbooks
  • acoustic electric guitar
  • plantronics voyager legend bluetooth headset

If you sell products, do a lot of keyword research to see how specific you can get. The last example above is really specific, and there are dozens more I found when doing keyword searches for this article.

When folks type in something product specific, they are typically read to purchase. Be sure you've optimized all of your product pages with the web page elements available to you (title, description, H1, H2, image alt text tag, page content) with the individual product.

You can get highly targeted web site visitors to your site to increase your conversion rates and increase revenue.

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