Military Personnel

Honoring Military Personnel

Our military personnel in the United States do a helluva lot for us without much complaining and darned little pay. I oughtta know; I'm a U.S. Army veteran myself.

A couple years ago, I had the privilege of teaching SEO to the good folks at Wilson Martino Dental Associates. We had a great time that week, with me teaching them SEO and figuring out how to best use local SEO for all of their West Virginia office locations.

As I frequently do, I get off-topic and ask questions about non-SEO stuff relative to the different things my students do when their not developing their business online.

military personWilson Martino Dental Associates do two really great things for U.S. military folks, their families and veterans. They have their annual Freedom Day USA, which occurs on the second Thursday of each September. And, they've added something new that I want to share with you - Random Acts of Freedom. I've participated in Freedom Day USA, and when I learned about Random Acts of Freedom, I reached out to Wendy Boyce, the Director of Marketing for Wilson Martino. I decided to let Wendy tell us about in her own words.

Take it away, Wendy!!

What is Random Acts of Freedom?

"Random Acts of Freedom" is a movement created which allows individuals to participate in Freedom Day USA, all year round! Freedom Day USA is a national THANK YOU Movement, held the second Thursday of each September, where businesses across the USA give free goods, services, discounts, gifts and other items to our military and their immediate family, along with our Veterans. You can learn more about Freedom Day USA by visiting the website.

We realized that we were limiting the participants to business owners only and that many individuals wanted an opportunity to give back as well, and with that thought "Random Acts of Freedom" was born.

military personnel armyThe concept is simple - Do something nice for a member of our military, their immediate family or a Veteran. Take a photo of your act and upload it to our Facebook Page, Instagram Page or Twitter Feed - it can be a selfie, a photo of your good deed, a photo with the person you are treating - anything to showcase your kind action.

Then - you challenge 3 friends to complete a "Random Act of Freedom" within the next 10 days and/or donate $ to Freedom Day USA (donations are taken through and on our website.

Let's join together and tell our Military how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice to our Country - after all, we are Free because of them!

How did you come up with the idea?

We came up with the concept of Random Acts of Freedom following requests from individuals who wished to participate in Freedom Day USA. We were intrigued by the concept of having them "tag" friends to also complete a #RAOF, allowing the movement to spread across the Country.

What's the tie-in to other active duty/veteran's initiatives?

RAOF is a division of Freedom Day USA.

Who can participate?

military personnelThe great thing about Random Acts of Freedom is that anyone can participate. If they don't wish to complete a RAOF, they can always donate to the cause - which supports both RAOF and Freedom Day USA.

What's the reaction/feedback you've gotten thus far?

Our social media following is increasing quickly and we've had approximately 15 RAOF's completed so far. There is high potential for this Thank You Movement to become viral.

Can you think of any other way folks can show their support for our U.S. military women and men and their families?

There is an idea list for Random Acts of Freedom on our website, and donations are always welcome - all funds go towards raising awareness for Freedom Day USA and growing the National Event.

And there you have it, folks. Every day can be a Random Act of Freedom Day to express your appreciation for our military women and men, and the families who support them!

Until we meet again, keep it safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy Wigal


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