On Page SEO

Improving On Page SEO

On page SEO is more than just optimizing the page title, meta description tag, image alt text tag and content with a chosen keyword phrase. Don't get me wrong; these are critical elements that'll help a page or post rank better in search results.

But what I want to address in this post is this: how can I improve my on page SEO beyond these fundamental elements?

Because a lot of webmasters optimize these elements, and they watch the page maybe rise to a certain level, then it just sits there and doesn't move up anymore. Or, it starts dropping back in ranking. So, what do you do to try to bust through?

There are several other things you can do.

On Page SEO Analysis

There are free SEO page analysis tools out there. They'll let you test one or two URLs and point out problem areas for you to concentrate on. Here's a list from Luna Metrics and SEO Toolbook.

Moz also has a great page analyzer, as does Hubspot. You can also use paid website audit tools like Seo Powersuite Website Auditor.

List the elements they check!

They all pretty much check and report back to you on common elements and metrics (list)

On Page SEO Structured Data Markup

Also known as schema.org, this is an advanced SEO tactic where you "mark up" your source code with JSON-LD. This makes your source code easier for the search engine crawlers to read. Another advanced SEO tactic that's not well understood and woefully under utilized.

Image compression For On Page SEO

You can use an image compression tool to strip out unnecessary information from your image files to speed up page load times. Check out Tiny JPG.

Links To Improve On Page SEO

Having links coming into each page, either from within the same domain or different domains will help your page rank better. As a matter of fact, Google has a hard time with web pages that don't have any links. Be sure to do safe link building with other domains, and link your most important product/service pages to one another.

If you'd like to learn more about these areas, or get knowledge on social media, information architecture and site technical issues, check out our courses here at Invenio SEO.

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Until we meet again, stay safely between the ditches!

All the best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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