Online SEO Courses

More Online SEO Courses Are Available!

Well, I've been rolling out more online SEO courses - individual course modules - for those who just want to do some very limited, very short SEO training.

I'm using Digital Chalk, an online learning platform that's ridiculously easy for you to use. Just register with an email address and user password, and you can start learning SEO!

While I'm far, far, far from finished, I've got several up and ready for you to do. It's mostly all of the basic SEO class modules I currently teach live (and live online) as part of the Basics of SEO course. Oh wait, there are a couple of advanced SEO topics in this list as well!

A List Of The Online SEO Courses

Blogging and SEO - here's a short course on using SEO for your blogging strategy.

Google Search Console - in this course, you'll learn how to use Google Search Console for troubleshooting website issues and seeing if your pages are getting indexed, plus a whole lot more!

Google's Content Guidelines - learn what the search engine advises you to write about, and how to do it (sort of).

Going From HTTP To HTTPS - this is an advanced SEO class that walks you through the process of making your site secure. You also get several excellent resources that go very in-depth on the exact steps, in the exact order you need to do, to pull this off successfully.

Information Architecture and SEO - I'm happy that Information Architecture (IA) is finally becoming more popular, because bad IA - that you'll learn about - can impact your SEO.

Keyword Research - the fundamental task you'll do over and over again. There is an exercise, plus a complete strategy for finding those long-tail keyword phrases that are far, far easier to rank for!

online SEO courses

More Online SEO Courses!

On-Page SEO - in this class, you'll learn exactly how to do on-page optimization, so that you can apply SEO to all of your web pages and blog posts. I make you do a practice exercise!

Personalization of Search - this is a short course that shows you why you're never really #1 in search results, but that's OK. Really. It is. Learn why - take the course and see for yourself!

Semantic Search and SEO - I recommend you take this and the one listed above, as they really go together. Google is really big on semantic search now, so learn about how you can use it in your SEO program.

Social Media and SEO - here, you'll learn how to figure out which social media platforms your target audience is using, and how you can optimize social media profiles and streams.

Video and SEO - since many people would much rather watch a video than read text, learn how to optimize your video files, YouTube Channel, as well as use keyword research results to create videos your target market will watch.

These SEO course modules range in price from $19 - $25. You'll register and pay securely through Digital Chalk when you create your student account.

I'm working hard every week, developing even more SEO training classes that you can take online, so stay tuned!

You can read more about the new, complete SEO Basic course that's online here.

Would you still rather have me teach you instead?

Not to worry - I'm still teaching live, one on one classes in person or live online as well, so don't think that this is the only way you can get SEO knowledge and skills, because it's not!

Until we meet again, stay safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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