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Online SEO training is now the only way I'll will be offering classes until the COVID-19 crisis is over. It's simply too risky for anyone to be near strangers at this time.

I understand that professional development training may be the last thing on your mind, but if your company still has a training budget and you're working from home, we can do this.

How Does Online SEO Training Work?

It's simple. You can either pick one of the standard courses I teach, or by looking at the available topics, we can put together a custom class for you that goes from half a day to three days, or anything in between. It's up to you.

I'll invoice you  securely through Quickbooks after we decide which date(s) work for both of us. Typically, we'll both log on around 8:45AM Eastern time and we can use whatever online meeting application that works for you, whether it's Zoom,, GoToMeeting, or anything else. If your company has an online meeting account, we'll use that.

Your training materials will be uploaded to my Google Drive, and I'll give you access to the PowerPoint I use. You can download the slides for you to refer to after you complete your online SEO training.

online seo training

We'll typically take a break at mid-morning, lunch and mid-afternoon, then we'll wrap up the online training session around 3:45PM Eastern time. At any time during the training session, you can ask me all of your SEO questions.

We'll do live exercises - guided by me - on keyword research, on page SEO, web writing content, link analysis and crawling/indexing/ranking issues that may be hindering your web pages from showing up higher in search results.

There are sites we go to on the internet together to view supplemental SEO information, as well as online keyword research tools, link analysis software, on-page SEO graders and more.

Ongoing SEO Help

After you've finished your class online, you'll get three months of free SEO coaching/mentoring from me. You have two hours each month at no cost to you. Each hour is worth $95, so when you do the math, that's $570 free help from me.

It's going to challenging to get through the corona virus crisis. I hope you are in a position where you can work from home to stay safe.

If you're interested in doing the online SEO training, contact me. I'll answer all of your questions.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy.

All the very best,

Nancy McDonald

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