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Online Training Courses In SEO

Online training courses in SEO that are self-paced (on demand) are now available from Invenio SEO. Actually, there's only one right now - the basics of SEO, but I'm excited to tell you that in the next several weeks, I'll be launching advanced SEO training classes, so stay tuned for those announcements.

Why Is Invenio Doing Online Training Courses?

Great question! There are many, many businesses and individuals who just can't afford to come to the Washington DC area and get live, personalized one-on-one training. They can't afford to pay my travel expenses to come out to them. As much as we both might wish to meet in person, it just can't happen, so for these folks, doing an online training course is the best option available.

online training courses for SEO

For others, doing live online training doesn't work either because they're in different time zones in the U.S. and around the world. As much as I love doing training, I'm not at my best in the late evening to accommodate someone halfway around the world, and vice versa. So in this case, giving folks access to online training classes on demand is the best option available for them as well.

The other consideration is cost. My new SEO online class is $197.00 per person. Each individual gets 90 days' access to the training materials. If I teach you live online or in person, the cost is $597.00 per person per day. I hope you can see why - my time is completely taken up with one person or organization, and it's highly personalized training, tailored to their individual web site situation.

With over three hours of training videos that teach you the most up to date SEO information available, and another two to three hours of supplemental material and assignments, the price point is quite reasonable, compared to sitting in a classroom with me!

Take a quick look and sneak peek at the actual course material you'll learn in this Youtube video.

How Does Invenio SEO's Online Training Courses Work?

I've partnered with Digital Chalk, an online learning platform. I have been looking for a solution for about three years now, and I finally stumbled across them about two months ago. I had some hard requirements that they met:

  • The cost was quite reasonable for me to bear on a constant basis
  • The platform made it very easy for me to create courses using a variety of files - video, powerpoint, images, etc.
  • I can create quizzes, assignments, tests and other supplemental easily within their platform
  • The online learning platform had to have an existing e-commerce solution to register students and collect their payments
  • The course material had to be password protected

So, I'm pretty excited about this, and if you've been looking for online-based SEO training, I hope you'll consider doing my basics of SEO training online course.

It's the same course agenda as my basics of SEO class I currently teach. You can register here.

Got questions? Shoot me an email via my contact form, or call me to chat about it. I also have the ability to offer coupon codes and other discounts, so let me know your thoughts.

Until we meet again, keep it safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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