SEO Pricing - Basics 1 Day Course — $597.00

SEO Basics

The SEO pricing for our classes is comparable to others who offer search engine optimization training. What you get from us is individual attention to your specific website situation. We answer all of your questions and give you an SEO action plan going forward. You also get three months free SEO coaching from us, because we believe it's not enough to train you - we want to guide you through the first few months you're cleaning up website issues. All course materials are yours to keep and refer to.

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Advanced SEO 1 Day Course — $597.00 Per Person

Advanced SEO

Invenio SEO updates all course materials either every couple weeks, or every time a major change in SEO tactics, processes, strategies and knowledge is updated. We keep up with all of the reputable SEO blogs and reporters, plus Google company blogs to learn what's changed, what still works best and how search engine algorithm updates impact the way optimization is done for content, link building, anti-spam tactics and more. You'll receive training materials that are yours to keep and refer to. You also get our three months SEO coaching free to make sure you're confident in applying your new skills.

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SEO For Marketing Personnel — $597.00 Per Person

seo for marketers

Marketing departments usually have personnel at various levels of SEO expertise and knowledge. We'll develop a course agenda for your marketing department that ranges from basic to advanced. It's always likely you'll opt to take either the basic or advanced SEO training, if your marketing department is starting from scratch. Discounts for training multiple personnel are available - call Invenio at 202-725-1422 to discuss your requirements, and we'll get to a win-win! As with our standard courses, you keep the training materials you receive in class, and you get our three months SEO coaching free.

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Corporate SEO Training — $597.00 Per Person

corporate seo training

Much like marketing departments, your organization may have people at varying levels of search engine marketing expertise. We can plan a custom training course for you ranging from a half day to simply familiarize you with what the search engines are looking for in high quality content, to basic and advanced SEO to start your enterprise SEO program. Everyone who completes the course gets our three month SEO coaching services at no extra charge.


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SEO For Writers Half Day To 1 Day Course — $298.00 Per Person

SEO For Writers

Depending upon the type of writing you do, all you may need is a half day SEO training to be able to upsell your web writing services. At the most, you'll need an entire day's training to master all the on-page SEO skills, plus training on how to develop a content marketing strategy for your clients that will boost their web pages and blog posts higher in search engine results pages. You'll walk away with training materials to refer to, and you also get three months SEO coaching at no extra charge.

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SEO Career Certification 3 Day Course — $1791.00 Per Person

SEO Career Certification


Starting a new SEO career is possible with Invenio SEO training. You can try to wade through mountains of conflicting information out there, and possibly risk learning "black hat" or spam SEO tactics that will get websites banned and domains blacklisted, or you can sit down with Invenio for three days and learn the most up to date, "white hat" SEO information, skills and knowledge that complies with Google's recommended guidelines, policies and best practices. You get the three months' free SEO coaching, and for an additional fee, you can do a fourth day of training, learning how to use some SEO software that troubleshoots and analyzes SEO issues you'll be dealing with.

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