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Get Private SEO Training

Private SEO training for your unique website situation is always available from Invenio SEO. I understand that maybe you don't want to air your site's weaknesses and vulnerabilities in front of perfect strangers. It's kind of like doing group therapy. It's not for everyone. Some folks just cannot open up to a group of people; never mind they share a common problem or situation.

If you want to set up a customized SEO course, I can do it any way that works for you. Here's how flexible (semper Gumby is my motto) I can be.

Level Of SEO Skills And Knowledge Training

If you have some basic search engine optimization knowledge, skills and experience, then you can cherry pick the specific modules or sections from any of my courses and put together a highly customized class that's exactly right for you. We'll review all of my class sections and build out a workshop that gives you exactly the advanced knowledge and skills you need to up your SEO game.

invenio offers private seo training

Private SEO Training Class Length

If you only need a half day, a full day, two or three days - or even more - I can tailor the training to your schedule. If you're only interested in doing on-page SEO, and nothing else, that's fine. It takes about five hours to show you exactly how to pick keyword phrases and optimize all the on-page elements to get that page or post to show up high in search results.

Class Scheduling For Private SEO Training

If you want to do more than one day of SEO training, but can't do it back to back - or you know that you need time in between class days - that's easy to schedule. More and more of my students find it's easier to learn SEO if they do one day of training, then wait a week or two to come back and do the other day. Or, they even register for three days of training and space it out over three weeks or a month. It's up to you!

Private SEO Training At Your Location

Most of my students prefer to do their training at their location. All I need is electricity to power my laptop and internet access from you. This way, you can step out and take care of things quickly at the work site, then jump back into your SEO course.

Private SEO Training Deliverables

You get hard copy course materials to keep and refer back to once you've done all of your training with Invenio. You get a personalized SEO priority action plan that you can implement right away, to get better search engine results visibility. You also get three months free SEO coaching from me (two hours per month via email or telephone) to make sure you're gaining confidence in doing SEO that's aligned with the search industry's best practices. I also have handouts and templates for various SEO tasks that I send to you for better documentation and record keeping.

So with all this, if you're ready to develop your own SEO class, let's plan it, schedule it, and make it happen!

All the best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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