SEO Basics

The Basics Of SEO

The basics of SEO haven't changed much, yet they are still critical for your web site's success in getting ranked higher in search results. Advanced SEO tactics and strategies won't make sense until you know how to do the on-page search engine optimization.

For example...did you know that the meta title tag still carries a huge amount of weight in pages and blog posts getting ranked in search engine results? It does!

Pre-Course Information

Here is a short document on the basics of content marketing, SEO and how search engines find your pages, as well as the benefits of SEO. This takes about 20 minutes to review. Once you register, this information is emailed to you.

  • Content Strategy/Content Marketing (homework)
  • What is SEO? (homework)
  • How Search Engine discover, index and rank web content (homework)
  • Benefits of SEO (homework)

Basics of SEO Course Agenda

  • Discover the keyword topics your target market is using in search engines (hands on)
  • Google's content guidelines
  • Create content for your prospects and search engines (hands on)
  • On page SEO (hands on)
  • Semantic search
  • Using social media and SEO
  • Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing

Here are more details about each module in the course agenda:

  • Discover the keyword topics your target market is using in search engines (hands on) - we go through a few of the many keyword research tools available for use; we talk about how to organize your keyword research, and how to use the keyword phrases you discover for your content marketing strategy; we finish up with a hands-on exercise.
  • Google's content guidelines - Google has refined how they define good content, and we go over their recommendations and guidelines to start you off right away with planning and creating useful, unique content that will stand a better chance of ranking higher in Google.
  • Create content for your prospects and search engines (hands on) - this is a short writing exercise where we take a keyword phrase previously discovered during keyword research and create a short content piece around that phrase.
  • On page SEO (hands on) - we go over each web page/blog post element that can be optimized with your chosen keyword phrase. We cover what Google wants you to do with each element, then we practice optimizing a web page or blog post.
  • Semantic search - Google's algorithm now has artificial intelligence incorporated to better understand the deeper associations of primary words and their synonyms and related concepts. Semantic search refers to trying to better understand the searcher's intent when she types a query into a search engine to find information or resources. We cover how to take advantage of semantic search concepts when you are creating web content.
  • Using social media and SEO - You need to be on the right social media platforms where your prospects are participating. We will go over how to optimize your social media platforms and get the most functionality out of them to increase your business.
  • Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing - the heart and soul of inbound marketing/content strategy revolves around blogging for your business vertical. We will cover why blogging is beneficial, and how it satisfies Google's content guidelines and best practices for SEO. We also cover how to jump start a content marketing strategy with blogging.

I do the SEO training face to face, with hands-on exercises to let you practice in class. I lug in my computer, projector and course materials. We have electricity and an internet connection, and we go over all of the course material.

All courses are designed to get you going right away on optimizing all the web page elements that help your site show up higher in search engine results pages (SERP - here's your first SEO acronym!).

The cost per person per day is $597.00.

Advance registration and payment is required to reserve your class.

You can register and pay by invoice by contacting Invenio SEO. We will send you an electronic invoice which you can pay either securely online via Quickbooks or by check.

Do you live in, or near one of these locations below? These are the areas where we teach SEO:

  • Washington DC Metropolitan area
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Northern Virginia

You get three months free SEO coaching from me after you complete any training course.

Let's get started on your SEO training - contact me to set up your class!

Are you already thinking about advanced SEO training? Take a look here!

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