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Recommended SEO Blogs

SEO blogs are a dime a dozen, and it can be pretty overwhelming to know which ones to trust and follow to stay on top of the many, many changes that happen in search engine optimization and marketing.

My students ask me all the time about how I stay up to date and current on SEO changes, and it FINALLY occurred to me that maybe I should make a list of those I trust and follow, and why they're on my list.

So here you are...the essential SEO blogs you should check daily for getting new processes, strategies and tactics to use, as well as useful, in-depth troubleshooting guides and case studies we can all learn from.

Everyone listed below is an SEO expert and their blogs all emphasize certain aspects of search engine optimization that others typically don't. In other words, they've all carved out their own niche in the SEO space to be unique. I present them in no particular order.

My List Of SEO Blogs

TopRank Marketing - Not your ordinary, everyday SEO blog run by Lee Odden. Here, you'll get valuable advice and information on in-depth content marketing techniques to use, as well as research reports that contain some really surprising results about marketing. I like their business blogging insights as well.

Search Engine Guide - this one doesn't publish as often as many other SEO blogs, but you'll find unique articles about marketing automation, analytics, copywriting and brand building that other SEO blogs don't address.

Search Engine Journal - a prolific SEO blog that covers topics like Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as traditional search engine optimization areas like link building, keyword rankings and mobile SEO. Kelsey Jones is the executive editor and she also runs the SEJ podcast.

Search Engine Land - When I think of Danny Sullivan, I automatically think of SEL, because he is the founding editor. I consider Search Engine Land the the best SEO blog, because they've been reporting SEO news for ages and they cover broad topics in-depth like mobile, PPC, local SEO and more. Some of the best case studies I refer to while teaching come from SEL.

Search Engine Roundtable - run and authored by Barry Schwartz, this is my number one go-to blog to see if Google's rolled out an algorithm change. Barry does two great things: he constantly monitors SEO forums to sniff out the search fluctuations that signal Google algorithm changes, and as best as I can tell, he faithfully watches every Google Webmaster Help presentation and shares the highlights with us. I depend upon Barry for these things, as well as his Google Search Console updates on bugs with the dashboard and improvements.

Stone Temple Consulting - learn about mobile SEO, page speed, Google indexing and crawling, as well as their popular video series called "Here's Why," starring Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen. If you don't laugh and learn, you're not alive.

More SEO Blogs To Follow

Search Engine Watch - a truly interesting SEO blog to follow, because they write about things that aren't always exact SEO processes or tactics, but things that impact us SEO experts anyways. You can read about overall SEO strategy, data, SEO employee performance, e-commerce and more. At least once a week, I read something from these great folks that I won't find on other SEO publications.

SEO By The Sea - authored by the incredibly talented Bill Slawski, his blog has carved a truly unique niche in search engine optimization publications: Google patents that affect search. A lof of SEO folks probably don't even realize that Google has proprietary information and processes they want to keep, so they file patents. And if you read Bill's analysis on the granted patents, you can learn a lot about where Google's going, particularly in Artificial Intelligence and more.

The Moz Blog - every day, Moz delivers an in-depth, useful blog post about SEO that blows away many other articles on the same, or related subject. Here, you'll get useful tactics, processes, strategies and analysis to solve issues that you just don't read about anywhere else. Rand Fishkin runs Moz, and his passion about search engine marketing is reflected in every blog post written by him and guest authors. I refer to the Moz blog quite a bit in my SEO classes.

The Internet Marketing Driver - Glenn Gabe is cutting edge when it comes to solving SEO issues for websites. Every time I read one of his articles, it's like a case study or white paper. He talks about a problem, tells how he analyzed it, and what he did to fix it. If you need to learn more about technical website issues like crawling, robots.txt files, troubleshooting ranking drops, this is the place to go. Not only that, Glenn is a genius at communicating how to troubleshooting sticky, obscure algorithmic penalties. He tells you exactly what to do.

The SEMPost - Jennifer Slegg is an absolute rock star at diving into Google penalties like Panda and Penguin. Like Barry, she attends the Google Webmaster Help presentations and she writes up in-depth summaries about the topics covered. You'll learn a lot about Panda, Penguin, local SEO and more.

If you've looked at these blogs and want to learn how to do hands-on search engine optimization, call me at 202-725-1422 to schedule your SEO training, or take a look at the complete agenda here.