SEO And Cats

SEO And Cats

I'm going to compare SEO and cats today. As someone who is owned by cats, and works at teaching/doing search engine optimization for a living, recently it occurred to me that both of them share common, maddening things that sometimes makes them indistinguishable from one another. There's three main things...

They Have A Mind Of Their Own

cats and seoSearch engine optimization sometimes seems to defy logic, or what Google recommends you do to get your pages to show up higher in search results. How many times have you done keyword research, carefully optimized a page, created great content around a keyword phrase, then waited weeks, if not months, to crawl up the stack? Happens all the time! Or, maybe you've downloaded the latest links coming into your site and you discover really, really inappropriate links from Russian XXX-rated sites or just really spammy, junk directories. Cats, of course, always have their own way to doing things, whether it's "missing" in the litter box or shredding your couch. They're gonna do what they're gonna do...

Trying To Figure Out What SEO And Cats Want

Have you ever tried to translate or parse those cryptic Google blog announcements? Have you read them over and over and over again, attempting to understand clearly what you should do now for your web sites, but still feel like you're shooting in the dark? Sure you have! Cats are no different. If one is sitting on top of your kitchen counter, what would you guess? That he wants more food? That's a good guess, and is probably right 10 times out 10, but have you ever tossed down some snacks, and had the cat throw absolute, murderous shade at you, because you guessed the wrong kind of snack? I bet you have. It's times like that when I wonder why I ever got suckered into thinking what cute pets they make.

They Change Without Warning

We all know this: you go to bed one night, feeling pretty darn good about your enterprise SEO program, don't you? Sure! Then, you wake up the next morning, get your coffee, fire up your 'chine, and lo and behold, overnight Google screwed, blued and tattooed you with a major algorithm change, and you're pretty sure at least some of your sites probably got nailed! Welcome to your new day! Cats are no different...there you are, petting one, scratching it's ears, when all of a sudden your arm is ripped to shreds, bleeding in 20 pieces, and it's on fire! Bad kitty!!!! Why?

With cats and SEO, there often isn't a "why..." it's more along the lines of "it just is." An evil Zen state sometimes, to be sure.

Well, if you want to try to stay on top of Google's changes, as unpredictable as they are, then consider taking one of our SEO courses to give you the most up to date knowledge and processes to boost your confidence levels and web page rankings.

If you'd rather learn SEO online with a cat stomping on your keyboard, it's an option now!

Here's some solid, un-cat-like SEO advice you can probably use!

As for cats...well, like me, you're on your own! Good luck!

Until we meet again, stay safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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