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SEO Experience Is Highly Valued

If you have SEO experience, there's good news for you. Recently, Eli Schwartz published an article on LinkedIn highlighting some interesting data about the rising need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Specifically, a tight labor market, an abundance of jobs and a fair number of individuals who list 'SEO' in their LinkedIn profile title means that anyone who wants to find opportunities has a good shot of moving into a better position.

SEO experience is in demandI've been in this space since 2004, and for the most part, I've had few problems getting freelance work. If I were not fussy, I could have done a lot of low paying SEO gigs during the bad times in 2008, but it never came to that for me.

Fast forward to now, and your chances of getting a new gig aren't bad. According to the article, there's about a 20:1 ratio of SEO jobs to people.

Most of his research shows that a lot of SEOers work for small companies - those that have 11 - 50 employees. The majority he found in his research are entry level search engine optimizers, so if any of those folks are looking to go onward and upward, they probably have a decent chance of getting more money in their next position.

In keeping with entry level data, quite a few profiles show folks who have 1 - 3 years experience. Depending on what they've worked on, if they can document results, these entry level SEO personnel are going to be competitive and hard to beat when it comes to getting job interviews and offers.

Get Trained - Then Gain SEO Experience

With all that being said, to do well in SEO means some training. So, shameless plug here, just to be upfront: leaning how to do SEO to gain experience is the way to go. There's the basics of SEO if you're just starting out. Knowing how to do keyword research, what tools to use and how to do the bread and butter on-page stuff will never go out of style!

However...the real money is in being able to do advanced search engine optimization - troubleshooting website issues that affecting crawling and ranking, identifying toxic link profiles and doing in-depth SEO audits means you'll never be out of work.

Honestly, pretty much anyone can do the on page stuff with practice, but if you have critical thinking skills, an aptitude for troubleshooting and can analyze data, you'll have a helluva career.

Contact me if you want to learn more about Invenio SEO's training options.

Until we meet again, keep it safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

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