Testimonials From Students

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned enough to know that I needed to pay as much attention to the “back end” of our content as to the appearance. You presented everything in a very logical manner, making it easy for a non-marketing professional to understand. I would recommend your class and your firm to any entrepreneur who is disappointed with their web traffic and looking to improve it."

Valerie S. Androutsopoulos

"Dear Nancy,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for your SEO training last fall. While, I still have not mastered it 100% and still am having issues with Google Analytics, you have helped me improve our site ten-fold. We have had folks from all over the country contacting us about our unusual services. They are finding us on the web. In fact, we had a law firm in Hawaii hire us to scan millions of documents for them—a contract worth $ 750,000! Thanks to you and your help getting our website SEO friendly, clients are now finding us quickly and easily."

Vivica Williams
Marketing Manager

" I found it to be extremely helpful and I am very excited to put the information into good use. I am going to work on the website today. You explained SEO in a way that I can understand! You took the mystery out of GOOGLE and taught me how to take advantage of keywords to the greatest extent. I will recommend you to anyone needing to improve the visibility of their website! I can’t wait for session two!"

Vivica Williams
Account Manager

"I loved the curriculum, Search engine academy was good but I really liked your curriculum, it was focused on the main topics of SEO today and in depth information that is very difficult to find online. I’ve revamped our strategy based on what was taught in the course and I feel like it’s much more targeted and streamlined strategy, more thought out."

Michelle Kraus
Owner, Kraus Marketing

"I liked that Nancy explained everything in layman's terms. She made all of the technical things very simple and easy to understand. How exactly to word and configure the meta data for each individual url. Also, keyword research and how to target a phrase with a high volume of search queries and low competition. I think a small business could benefit greatly from doing their own SEO work if they have the time to put into it."

Stephanie DeBlase-Nadolny
Online Parts & Equipment Sales Manager
Centreville Manufacturing, Inc.

“The Hummingbird SEO updates completed on our Wilson Martino Dental website have resulted in GREAT changes for our Google search placement! Take a look:

“Morgantown WV Dentist” – page 1, 3rd listing
“Fairmont WV Dentist” – page 1, 2nd Google places listing, page 1, 3rd organic listing
“Bridgeport WV Dentist” – page 1, FIRST LISTING!!!
“Buckhannon WV Dentist” = page 1, 2nd and 3rd listing, plus 1st in the Google places list
“”Elkins WV Dentist” = page 1, 2nd placement
“Hurricane WV Dentist” = page 1, 3rd listing (this office wasn’t even in the first 10 pages before!
Our new long-tail keywords used for SEO are working!”

Wendy Boyce
Director of Marketing, Wilmar Management Company
Freedom Day USA – WV State Director
Freedom Day USA – Marketing Coordinator and Liaison to the National Committee

“I came into the class with a basic level of SEO; as I leave the class I feel empowered to discuss SEO strategies, tactics and best practices with my organization’s hired marketing agencies and to give better direction as we work to set and accomplish our goals.

Stacey McDaniel, Marketing, AARP Foundation

“The class was worth every minute. I learned more than I imagined and feel it was presented in a way that is very easy to understand. Nancy was a great instructor and extremely helpful. I would suggest this course (and Nancy) to anyone wanting to learn SEO.”

Kelly Senna, Head, Thomas, Webb, and Willis

“I thought Nancy was an excellent instructor, and the class was useful, interesting and educational. I would definitely recommend it!”

Amanda Jean Wessell, blogger

“I have learned a lot in this course and will be recommending it to many of my friends. Thanks!”

Alex Poon, blogger

“Thank you so much for a wonderful time. I really enjoyed the classes and learned a whole lot. We have already started implementing and of course I am following the plan we discussed. Everything is so much clearer now. I am really glad I decided to take your class!

It offered a vast amount of topics and information that can be directly applied to my SEO efforts.”

Coleen Miller, Kitchen Design Studio of Pelham, NY

“This was an incredibly useful course. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about SEO. Loved the training materials and individual one-on-one advice/guidance. Thank you!”

Jennifer Borders, Manager, StartSpot Media Works

“Nancy is a terrific speaker and very engaging. I appreciated her ability to tailor discussion to the needs of the audience (which, in my case, was largely about how to add value)…I do feel more confident about where our organization should be heading, as a whole.”

Paul Mindeman, President, Sharp Innovations, Inc.

“…I learned more about SEO in 3 days than in the weeks of research I did on my own.”

“This really gave us a great place to start with some real and effective techniques.”

“We will definitely be utilizing Nancy’s expertise going forward.”

“Nancy is a very engaging and experienced instructor. She expertly led the group in productive discussion and conveyed all of the lesson content in an interesting and easy to understand way.”

Althea, Joel, Sarah, Gates Hudson Property Management SEO Team Members

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your teachings last week. The class was AMAZING!!!. I’l be happy to serve you as a referral for future business.”

Andre Perez-Castaneda
Realtor | Owner | Investment Specialist
District One Properties

“Great class! This SEO training has provided me with information on how to make the SEO process for my clients more efficient. The on-going support that is offered will further my confidence in staying on top of the ever-changing SEO field.”

Tom Hopta, Sharp Innovations

“I liked learning about on-line resources. Nancy is great at explaining the subject at the level of understanding. This course is putting all the pieces together for me. I enjoyed looking at sites and the meta data, keywords. I also learned a lot about the importance of link building, did not realize how important that was.”

Greg Shannon, Wheat’s Landscaping

“I had a great experience. I feel like I am coming away with a lot of information and was very comfortable with you and didn’t feel like I had to hesitate to ask a question and interrupt the flow of the lessons. Thank you.”

Fred Rodiguez, Sharp Innovations

“As someone who knew a little bit about SEO going into the class, I feel like I learned a great deal and was not taught anything I already knew. Nancy accurately assessed my current level of knowledge and created a fantastic course for me and my business.

My entire office staff had the opportunity to have lunch with Nancy and that was a really great opportunity for my colleagues to ask her any burning questions that they had about SEO and gave her the opportunity to explain it to them. This course was great, and we look forward to the free 6 months of mentoring that comes along with the course.”

Elizabeth Bailey
Retail Business Manager

“This class is exactly what I was looking for! I loved this training! I didn’t want to spend months in a class or go back to college since I already have my MBA. This was the perfect solution. Thanks Nancy!”

Shannon Moynihan, “Miss SEO Boston”
S&S Marketing

“Nancy is very well informed in all SEO topics. Even in the 2-day course I learned a ton of information that I didn’t know before and my confidence level in SEM has increased. Thank you for answering all of my questions and really showing me the ropes.

I learned a lot about link building and I like the fact that the lessons were in depth.”

Chris Divyak ,Sharp Innovations

“A fabulous introduction to a complex subject, shows very well the extent of SEO application and relevance.”

Jules Labat, Freelance Writer

“Conviviality, support from Nancy in addition to general high quality presentation and materials. Thanks Nancy!”

John Anderson, Bamboo Solutions