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Google Webmaster Guidelines

Did you know Google has webmaster guidelines for multiple website elements? The search engine company knows the majority of web owners don't want to cheat their way into ranking better, so it has some resources you can refer to, so your pages stand a better chance of showing up higher in search result.

Webmaster Guidelines For Content

webmaster guidelinesGoogle wants us to write content for our human visitors. After all, has the search engine ever bought anything from your business?

No! Your human visitors are the ones who purchase your products and services.

Briefly, what Google says about content that has a better chance of ranking higher is this:

  • Make your site heavy on information that answers your prospect's answers about your services and products. Write web pages that describe your business offerings accurately and with as much detail as possible.
  • Use the words and phrases your target audiences would type into the search engine that describe your products and services.
  • Write your content to your audience's reading level. The simpler you write, the better you can connect instantly with your readers.

A good way to write about your products and services is to grab a piece of paper and write down the following:

Who - who are you as a business, company, person who offers this service or product?

What - what is your service or product? Describe it thoroughly.

When - what are the dates, times or schedules you can deliver what you sell?

Where - do you sell only online, or do you have a physical location your customers can visit? Do you deliver to your customers?

Why - what is it that drives you to sell what you offer (other than money, which is the obvious)? Is this your passion? If so, don't be afraid to show that passion and connect with your readers. Make a real connection with them!

How - what are the ways customers receive your services and products? Is it only online, do you deliver by mail or any other method?

I also like to ask and answer this question:

Who cares? Name your target audience! For example, I would say anyone who has a website that's not getting enough visitors to measure conversion from prospect to client needs to apply SEO to her site. Any business owner who needs more visitors to come to her bricks and mortar location to purchase her products and services needs to apply SEO. Any marketing agency that wants to increase the number of services to prospects should learn how to create and implement an enterprise SEO program to boost revenue.

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Until next time, please stay safely between the ditches!

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