What Is Interactive Media

What Is Interactive Media?

Just what is interactive media, and why should you care? Well, first off, interactive media or content is information that you actively take actions on when consuming it. You are doing something. Interactive media types include:

  • Assessments - find out things like your personality type, health conditions, etc.
  • Calculators - figure out how much you'll pay for a car loan, student loan, mortgage on a house
  • Quizzes - test your knowledge on a topic or certain business
  • Polls/Surveys - rate how you feel about products and services
  • Image/Video Galleries - view photos and videos on events
  • Contests - answer questions to be eligible to win a prize
  • Interactive White Papers - read industry solutions in a white paper that has active media - video, timeline, etc.
  • Interactive Infographics - mouse over a certain spot in the infographic to visually see an action or solution

Another good example is if you are of a certain age (cough, cough), you may have done Cosmopolitan Magazine's Sex Quiz. Yeah, there really is such a thing! This is where, back in the day of strictly print, you and your BFFs would open the damn thing up, read the questions, laugh your asses off until you cried, choked or coughed, then answered them. And you usually lied like a cheap rug from a discount outlet store with your answers.

Speaking of examples, check these out. Then, there's this one and this.

Why Should You Use Interactive Media?

For one thing, people are tired of passively consuming content. They want to be entertained or have their curiosity piqued. Maybe they are more receptive to moving images, videos and active participation to be persuaded to move forward in the buyer's journey.

what is interactive media and seo

When you think about it, interactive content makes sense as part of your marketing efforts. The internet and websites continue to leverage new technology, including augmented and virtual reality, to allow prospects to experience what it's like using products and services. Is it any different than going to a clothing store and trying on the clothes to make they fit and make you feel good before buying them? Absolutely!

What's The Best Type Of Interactive Content?

It depends upon what you're offering and who your target audience is. This is where really nailing down your marketing personas is critical. If you know your prospects would rather watch a video than download a white paper, why the hell would you ignore their preferences?

You'll probably need to do surveys and ask existing clients what they'd prefer to consume. Once you get some consistency in answers, begin planning on creating and publishing content that's interactive. As with everything in marketing, you'll need to test multiple pieces to see what resonates with your target audience.

The downside of creating interactive content or media is if you don't have in-house resources do make them, outsourcing is going to cost more than just a static infographic, for example. Get some price points and see what your budget can accommodate.

How Does Interactive Content And Media Affect My SEO?

If you've done your homework, created a fun, butt-kicking interactive content piece that speaks directly to your target audience, your SEO will be positively impacted with more more visits to your site, more pages viewed, more time on site and increased conversions. It's up to you and your marketing team to figure out the monetization or goal you want to complete. No matter if you want increase sales, get more newsletter sign ups or requests for information, interactive media can help you get better results.

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