What To Blog About

What To Blog About When You're Out Of Topics

What to blog about when you've hit a creative brick wall and don't think there's anything left to create articles on - here are some ideas you can use right now. Do you think you're in a boring industry that has no unique stories or information to tell?

I understand why you would think that. We all run out of creative gas from time to time. If you're in this rut now, then perhaps this article will give you some fresh ideas.

What To Blog About - Use Questions

Google's algorithm is getting more and more weighted towards rewarding sites that ask and answer question their target audience asks. So why not get some in-depth questions for your industry and answer them in more depth and detail than your competition?

Great, you say. Where the hell do I find those specific questions? There are few different ways you can quickly find out what people need to know about your products and services. Let's go over them.

Keyword research - use Google Trends or a paid keyword research tool, like Wordtracker, Serpstat or Moz, if you have the budget.

Take the insurance industry, for example. Using Wordtracker, here some good phrases that have a decent search volume and a low number of competing web pages using these phrases:

  • What is gap insurance
  • Is life insurance taxable
  • What does renters insurance cover
  • What does coinsurance mean

If you're an expert on these topics, you can build a relationship with prospects, establish your expertise and just plain provide valuable information that'll help someone.

Or how about accounting? Do you think there's nothing left to write about? Well, take a look at these long-tail keyword phrases:

  • What is accrual accounting
  • The primary objective of financial accounting is
  • What is equity in accounting
  • What are generally accepted accounting principles

Other Places To Find Out What To Blog About

There are a couple of other websites you can use that don't cost anything and can give you really valuable keyword research results.

Answer The Public goes beyond regular keyword research tools, because it'll sort the results by prepositions. It also creates really cool visuals for your research results.Take a look at these results:

  • insurance for pets
  • insurance with no deductible
  • insurance without medical questions

what to blog about when you're stuck

Quora - once you login and get past picking topics, you can view questions, ask them, or do a keyword search to get questions you can blog about. Here are a few I found quickly:

  • Why is insurance confusing
  • What are good sources for understanding accounting

Google Trends is a free service from the search engine company. You can filter on locations, time ranges, types of searches and more. Let's see what we can find out:

  • penalty for not having health insurance
  • what is the accounting equation

The bottom line is, you can always find people who need information. You just need to dig a little deeper sometimes to find out what's bothering them.

You can also ask your sales staff what they're being asked, run surveys or ask for opinions on your social media platforms.

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Until we meet again, stay safely between the ditches!

All the very best to you,

Nancy McDonald

Screenshot courtesy of Answer The Public

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