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Are you a marketing professional who needs both basic and advanced SEO, because you wear a lot of hats, and now have SEO added? SEO for marketers are skillsets that can boost your career and make you more desirable for future employment opportunities.

I know that you understand really well what SEO can do for your site, and you need to know how to do it - quickly. Time is precious. What priorities need to be set? Maybe you are lucky and have someone else helping you with marketing, or you're really fortunate in that there's an outside agency you manage to get SEO done. In that case, you might not comfortable with the contract management, because you're not sure what the agency is doing, and you're afraid of getting the site in trouble with Google because maybe, just maybe, the agency does black hat SEO, and you don't know what Google wants.

As the marketer in charge of SEO, you need to understand the processes, strategies and techniques, as well as the language to better manage the contract with confidence that your company's money is being well spent.

Believe me, I know this. If you've ever:

  • Been fooled by SEO agencies
  • Not understood them telling you what they're doing
  • Wondered or asked yourself "My company is spending money for what?"
  • Been concerned about doing SEO 'wrong'
  • Wanted to do it right to get better ranking and conversions

Then this is the right training for you...

Here's what you get:

  • Hands-on training - you can do on-page SEO after one days' training
  • Latest techniques, strategies and processes that comply with Google's recommendations, guidelines and policies for ranking higher in search results
  • Understand what Google is looking for when it ranks high quality, user-friendly content
  • Flexible course scheduling and agendas
  • Three months' SEO coaching at no extra charge

This SEO class training is face to face and hands on with some exercises for you to practice your new skills. I bring my laptop, a projector, your course materials and we go through everything you need to know to get started right away on optimizing your web site content.

Invenio SEO can either come onsite to train you personally, individually in SEO, or we can meet in DC or Northern Virginia at one our preferred training locations to teach you - let us know what works best for you. All we need is a room, electricity and internet access to get started.

You can do all three days' training, or just one or two, based on the course agenda listed below. If you already have some SEO skills, let us put together a custom SEO class for you that won't waste your time on topics you already know.

The cost per person per day is $597.00, which is the same price for the one day basic or one day advanced SEO training class. Payment must be made in advance to lock down your scheduled course date(s).

Contact us to get an invoice for your SEO training program. You may pay securely online through Quickbooks, or by company check.

SEO For Marketers Course Information

Pre-course information: (emailed to you prior to your class, but after you register)

Content Strategy/Content Marketing (homework)
What is SEO? (homework)
How Search Engines discover, index and rank web content (homework)
Benefits of SEO (homework)

Day 1

Discover the keyword topics your target market is using in search engines (hands on)
Google's content guidelines (Panda)
Create content for your prospects and search engines (hands on)
On page SEO (hands on)
Semantic search
Using social media and SEO
Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing

Day 2

Linking strategies, analysis and troubleshooting (Google Penguin)
Local SEO
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
SEO for Videos
Mobile SEO

Day 3 (optional; career track, certification)

Don't do web spam
Information Architecture and SEO
Google ranking and indexing issues
Database site issues
Converting from HTTP - HTTPS (structured data markup language)
CI Analysis for SEO
Start your SEO career

You must register and pay in advance to reserve your training class.

Contact Invenio SEO, and you will receive an invoice that can paid securely online via Quickbooks or with a company check.

Here are the U.S. metropolitan areas where our SEO classes are offered:

  • Washington DC Metropolitan area
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Northern Virginia

Contact Invenio now to see how soon you can get trained in the latest search engine optimization techniques and processes.

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