SEO Career Certification

SEO Career Training and Certification

An SEO career is fun, challenging, interesting and it pays pretty well. If you've been laid off, or if you've seen the writing on the wall with your current career, and you're not sure how to get started, what tools to use, or how to approach prospects to make them clients. You're going to need complete SEO skills training and mentoring to find those first clients to gain confidence in what you're doing.

So, here's the deal - take all three days of SEO training to get the most up to date skills, knowledge, processes, tactics and strategies. You'll do some practice exercises in class to gain confidence in applying SEO for your site and your future client's sites.

The third day we go over ways to start getting clients right away. There are several things you can charge clients for that are easy to do, are no risk for the client's site, and you can get paid decent money to do these things. These include doing keyword research, conducting inbound back link profile analysis and optimizing LinkedIn company and showcase pages.

If you're interested in doing SEO as a career, then this is the right training for you...

Here's what you get:

  • Hands-on training - you can do on-page SEO after one days' training
  • Latest techniques, strategies and processes that comply with Google's recommendations, guidelines and policies for ranking higher in search results
  • Understand what Google is looking for when it ranks high quality, user-friendly content
  • Flexible course scheduling and agendas
  • Three months' SEO coaching at no extra charge

I provide you with all the course materials you need to learn the information and necessary skills.

At the end of the three day training course, you'll take an online exam and get your SEO certification from Invenio SEO after you've passed the test.

Pre-course information:

  • Content Strategy/Content Marketing (homework)
  • What is SEO? (homework)
  • How Search Engine discover, index and rank web content (homework)
  • Benefits of SEO (homework)

Day 1

  • Discover the keyword topics your target market is using in search engines (hands on)
  • Google's content guidelines
  • Create content for your prospects and search engines (hands on)
  • on page SEO (hands on)
  • Semantic search
  • Using personalization of search
  • Develop a blogging strategy for your content marketing
  • Social media and SEO

Day 2

  • Linking strategies, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Local SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEO for Videos
  • Mobile SEO

Day 3 (career track, certification)

  • Don't do web spam
  • Information Architecture and SEO
  • Google ranking and indexing issues
  • Database site issues
  • Converting a site to HTTPS
  • (structured data markup language)
  • CI Analysis for SEO
  • Start your SEO career

You can view the complete syllabus here.

Your training class and dates can only be reserved by registering and paying in advance.

Please contact us to receive an invoice which can be paid via Quickbooks online or by a company check.

Are you interested in studying SEO online, on your own time? We now offer online SEO training classes! Check them out here.

Hands-On SEO Career Training

If you go through the training and are puzzled as to how to use the tools we show you, then schedule a one day hands-on training session where we'll sit you down and let you use the tools to gain confidence in using them for clients. You'll need your computer, and we'll recommend the tools you can use in free trial demonstration mode to see their capabilities. Call Invenio at 202-725-1422 to learn more.

Doing SEO work is challenging, but it's also fun. As you get results for clients, you'll get more business by referrals.

You can also apply for and qualify for in-house SEO positions. More and more businesses are bringing their search engine optimization work on board, so get this training to add to your resume, then start applying for the companies you'd like to work for.

Contact Invenio SEO to see when you can schedule your class to get started on a new career now.

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