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Invenio Offers SEO Training

Invenio SEO has multiple SEO training classes for business owners, marketers and writers to register for and complete to optimize web page content and images to show up higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Basic SEO classes are one day long, and teach students everything they need to do for on-page search engine optimization. Students jump right into learning how to do keyword research, as all SEO efforts begin with knowing the right keywords to use for online content. Blogging, various Google penalties and creating content are also taught.

basics of seoAdvanced SEO training shows attendees how to conduct and analyze inbound back links for signs of trouble that could invite an algorithmic penalty or a manual one. Resolving "toxic" links is also covered. This course is one day long and also covers Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and local SEO.

A third day of even more advanced SEO topics are available for those who want to start a career in search engine optimization. SEO for mobile, video and social media are covered, as well as advanced duplicate content and site database issues. Students also learn about information architecture, web spam and structured data markup language.

For students who are new to SEO and want to do it as a career, Invenio SEO has a fourth day that is strictly hands-on training that allows attendees to practice keyword research, link analysis and competition analysis, as well as more time to create optimized meta data.

Web page writers can choose to attend a class that's strictly geared towards writing optimized web copy. This class will help web content writers upsell their services to clients.

Every student receives three months SEO coaching at no extra charge. All course materials are for the attendees' use after they complete any SEO training.

The price for the one and two day SEO classes is $597.00 per person, per day. The entire three days is $1791.00 per individual. The hands-on practice day is $197.00 per person.

Custom classes can be made for any business, and all training can be offered at the students location in a private, one on one classroom environment for the most individual attention.

Learn more by visiting the SEO course page.

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