3 Different SEO Jobs You Can Specialize In

SEO jobs can be rather specialized, and if you're not willing to do every on-page or off-page SEO function that exists, here are three areas you may want to specialize in that are in heavy demand.

Link troubleshooting/building - Ever since Google Penguin rolled out back in 2011, link troubleshooting, analysis and building has been in high demand. It takes a lot of time and effort to dig through an inbound backlink profile and root out the troublesome domains that are dragging a site down in Google's eyes and ranking. If a site has thousands or tens of thousands of links, you can be working on issues for months. It's really become a full time job, and if you enjoy analyzing and problem solving, you can really carve out a niche. If you do clean up a link profile and get a site's traffic back, you're a real SEO hero!

seo jobsSEO content writing - Google places very high emphasis on good quality information that is useful, informative, in-depth and answers all of a prospect's questions. Blogging is a must, and the more times per week you can publish new, helpful content, the better your site is going to show up in search results. Lots of keyword research, digging out new topics that appeal to your target audience is a never-ending job. If you can write reasonably well and do the SEO, you're a valuable asset to any company in any industry you have knowledge of, or can do in-depth research on to create fantastic content!

PPC - are you detail oriented and love data? Are you good with analyzing key performance indicators and writing short, succinct ads? Can you create ad campaigns that really convert? Do you have the patience to babysit and tweak ad campaigns constantly? If so, setting yourself up as an SEO PPC expert can net you a good salary. You also have to be comfortable with spending other people's money and losing some of it while fine tuning paid search ad campaigns to make them as successful as possible!

Or perhaps you just want to do web site audits. You'll have to have a constant pipeline of clients, but this is a very valuable skill that companies will pay for.

Whatever appeals to you, it's possible to make a good living in being an SEO sub-specialist. And here's an article about six critical soft skills you really, really need to be successful in digital marketing - or any career field.

Until the next time, stay safely between the ditches!

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Nancy McDonald

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